Hair loss and baldness can lead to a loss of self-confidence. What causes hair loss? Hair loss can occur due to various factors like stress, illness, reactions to medications, hormonal imbalance. Even a poor diet can result in the loss of hair. It might also occur due to hereditary issues. 

With the development in technology it now brings solutions to people that suffer from hair loss. A hair transplant is one of the methods in which the bald areas of your scalp are covered during a surgical process. This procedure can be expensive, especially in Western countries, however, should you decide to travel to Turkey or Eastern Europe, you could expect savings of up to 50-60%. For more information and to see what options are available, you can check out any number of medical tourism platforms, like

  1. How is it performed? A dermatological surgeon moves hair to a bald area on your scalp through surgery. Usually, the hair from the backside of your head is transferred to the areas in the front or on top of the head. These kinds of procedures are carried out after the administration of anesthesia.
  2. During the process, two main techniques are followed – FUT and FUE. Now, what are they? In FUT method, which means Follicular Unit Transplantation, using a scalpel, a strip of scalp skin is cut out from the back of the head. After closing the cut area: the portion which is removed into smaller sections is implanted onto the bald areas, giving a natural look to your hair. In FUE method, which stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, hair follicles are removed, and small holes are made in the area which requires transplantation, the hair follicles are placed there. FUE is a lesser painful process, and the healing post-surgery takes places faster than FUT. 
  3. How long does it take to complete the process? It might take three to four sessions to complete the process. It may require a few months as the next session can only be carried out after the healing of the previous work is complete. 
  4. How do you look before and after the surgery? It cannot be argued that you will look better and more handsome than your appearance before the surgery and the procedure will give you a transformed look. The hair strands are taken from existing parts of your scalp and are then placed onto bald areas. 
  5. What kind of precautions should I take? After the surgery, you can resume your work in a couple of days. However, do not forget to take your medication. Remember that it will take time for the incisions to heal. 
  6. Hair loss from the transplanted area might occur. However, there is nothing to be worried about. It only gives way for new hair growth, but keep in mind that this process takes some time.
Wayne Rooney – Made the procedure famous among Premiership Football Fans

Along with the hair transplant, what are the methods that can help in maintaining the health of your hair? Most of us already know that collagen is essential for the goodness of skin and hair in our body. It plays a significant part in renewing cells and helps in preserving the health of your skin, nail, bones, and joints. Once you reach the age of thirty, your body’s ability to produce collagen starts decreasing. It, in turn, causes a decline in the body parts where it plays a significant role. How can this problem be overcome? Instead of applying creams that can only work externally, focus on the intake of collagen supplements which helps skin elasticity and joint support. Not only are these supplements a significant source, but sufficient Vitamin C intake can also induce the production of collagen in our body. Eating red or orange-colored fruits, vegetables like carrot, capsicum, cabbage, and tomatoes also increase collagen production in your system.

How does collagen work? It has antioxidant properties that prevent the growth of cell damage within our body. Free radical is a metabolic process that is responsible for the damage of hair follicles, which then lead to hair loss. 

Other options are to massage your hair with essential oils, keeping yourself hydrated, avoiding alcohol and smoking can also help in the healthy maintenance of your hair. De-stress your life and exercise regularly will also help to look and feel healthy. 

For a personal insight into the FUE method of hair transplant, check out this vlog by Mike Thurston.