Being the largest organ in the human body, skin performs specific functions of protecting the body against sunlight, injury and other infections. Also, it potentially regulates the body temperature and stores enough fat, water and vitamin D to stay hydrated and beautiful. However, the rising environmental pollution makes it a necessity to take extra care of your skin, particularly the exposed part to help it retain its health.

Know the essential tips to build a daily skincare routine

It is a general fact that your skin gets renewed in every 28 days. Hence, it becomes so important to feed on nutritious food like fruits and vegetables so that the new one is loaded with a lot of healthier vitamins and minerals. Along with this, you need to consume at least eight glasses of water every daily to rehydrate the skin.

Further natural skin care techniques depend on the type of skin you have.

For oily skin

Excessive oil in the face makes dust and other unwanted materials to stick to it, thereby making it difficult for the skin pores to breathe properly. These lead to breakouts of acne and you definitely need to treat it in a two-step process.

  • Preparing the exfoliating mask. For this, you require to mix together equal quantities of both seas salt and almond oil. Gently apply this mixture evenly on your face and leave for 2-3 minutes. Later, rub in a circular manner so that the mix acts as a natural scrub removing off the impurities.
  • Now, to cleanse the oil presence, you need to use a combination of both castor and olive oil. This fusion ensures that your skin does not lose the moisture content during the transition.


Oily Skin

For normal skin


You are really lucky if you have this skin tone. It responds really well to various products and even the natural skin care options.

  • A homemade scrub made with slightly warmed coconut oil and sugar crystals would be excellent.
  • To get the skin moisturized, a quarter of castor oil and three-fourth portion of almond oil works great. You can even apply a dab of shea butter alone that shows instant results.

For dry skin

People that have dry or ageing skin tone need to start to respond to natural skin care methods. Most natural oils are found to be very effective in helping the skin to properly balance oil production and to stop being dry.

  • The exfoliating process is not actually demanded by this skin type though you can try with the sugary homemade scrub with drops of natural oils to peel off those dead cells.
  • Cleansing can be done with a teaspoon of castor oil and a quarter cup of other essential oil like almond or olive. However, make sure you use only a tiny amount of castor oil because this is more active in drying in oil cleansing process. Homemade buttercream moisturizers are also good for this skin type.

Apart from these remedies, make it habit to apply the appropriate sunscreen with at least 30 SPF and at least 15-20 minutes before heading outdoors, you do this so your skin will not be damaged with sunburns and sun poisoning.