Obesity was not a common issue in the past. But a modern lifestyle with all the conveniences it offers has made mankind lazy. Work occupies a large part of the day and if you have an office job you could be sitting in the one place for hours. With little time available to cook, takeaway and processed food have become the go-to options. The body doesn’t get healthy food nor does it get the right amount of physical activities it requires. The result is obesity. Since the year 1975, the instances of obesity on a global level that has been observed has tripled. Obesity is now a serious concern not just for the grown-ups but also for children. In fact, childhood obesity is increasing at an alarming rate. Childhood obesity doesn’t just increase the vulnerability to ill health for children but also can cause serious consequences when the child grows up.

Consequences of obesity

Obesity is the condition of being overweight. This is when the weight of the individual is beyond the normal recommended level based on height, age, and gender and other factors. The list is long if you start noting down the many effects of obesity. But here are a few common health conditions that are prone to occur in people who are overweight.

  • Blood pressure anomalies – high blood pressure or hypertension is one of the most common problems faced by people who are obese. Some also experience elevated heart rate. The risks of cardiovascular diseases increase when an individual belongs to the overweight category.
  • The effect of body weight and thyroid gland is a tricky one. Overactive and underactive thyroid are both harmful. These can lead to weight loss and weight gain respectively. At the same time for people with a very high BMI or body mass index value the TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone serum levels are seen to be high.
  • Pain and inflammation in the joints, as well as osteoporosis, is common in those who are overweight.
  • The risk of diabetes increases in patients with obesity.


I'm fat
I’m fat, thanks McDonald’s!!


How to prevent obesity

Obesity can be treated easily if the weight problems are addressed at an early stage. When it comes to treating obesity the first step is to control the weight gain by changing your diet routine. Prevention is always better than choosing a cure for obesity. So here are a few things to do in order to keep your body weight within the healthy range and prevent obesity and associated risks.

  1. Cut down processed food items from your diet.
  2. Choose food items with healthy fat as these are essential for the body to regulate your body weight.
  3. Drink plenty of water.
  4. Cut down the intake of sugar
  5. While you also minimize the calorie intake ensure that your body gets all the micronutrients essential every day.
  6. Take part in sports or enrolin a gym membership.
  7. Whole grains, fresh produce like fruits and vegetables keep your energy levels soaring and your weight normal.

Staying active and consuming fresh home cooked meals can have a huge impact on your weight. Besides helping you lose weight quickly it can also make it easy to maintain a healthy weight.