My Breasts cause me back pain

Breasts are sexy but very big breasts are not. They are not only unattractive but come with a baggage of medical conditions mainly back pain. Individuals also suffer from headaches, chest pain, neck pain, etc. and the suffering is not limited to physical discomfort but also engulfs the emotional side of the individual. Big breasted women suffer from depression and low self-esteem.  It is believed that almost 1 million women in America suffer from this problem. Thankfully you do not have to suffer in silence anymore, help is at hand in the form of breast reduction surgery.


Why do breasts cause back pain?

The rib cage is strong enough to support normal sized breasts but large breasts put pressure on the chest walls and if the supporting muscles are not strong you will tend to roll your shoulders forward and this puts a strain on the spine causing back pain. And even self-conscious women hunch forward to hide their breasts leading to further exaggeration of pain. The weight of the breasts which is predominantly made up of glandular tissue and fat cells, too makes them sag and bend lower. The body in an attempt to compensate the extra weight in front and this affects the normal curvature of the spine.


Will breast reduction surgery help resolve the problem?

Even though you might approach the problem conservatively with pain medication for alleviating the pain and diet control to reduce the fat intake, the result is limited and often not satisfactory.  Only surgery has proven to be beneficial for a majority of patients.


How is breast reduction surgery performed?

It is a form of plastic surgery whereby the excess fat cells and tissues are removed to reduce the size of the breast and to provide you with much-needed relief.  Once the excess fat is removed the excess skin too is discarded. Only in very rare cases, the nipple needs repositioning. The entire procedure takes place under general anesthesia and can take up to three hours to complete.

The surgery itself is very simple and the postoperative pain minimal because only excess tissue is being removed and no organs and no muscles are touched. Yes, there will be mild discomfort but nothing unbearable and a patient can get back to a normal routine within two weeks.


Effects of breast reduction surgery

The surgery no doubt enhances the aesthetics of your body and when you compare the before and after pictures of yourself the change will be remarkable. But there is one drawback and that is there will be a mild amount of permanent scarring which again depends on individual body type and skin condition. In rare cases, patients experience nipple numbness where the nipple loses sensitivity. Unless it is really causing significant health problems for women who are committed to breastfeeding should wait to have the surgery later in life.

The benefits of breast reduction are so much that even those who do not suffer from macromastia or large breasts can undergo this procedure for aesthetic purpose. Once upon a time cost was very high but now with several countries offering cheap but quality medical care, you now have more choice to obtain your goal.